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What It’s Like To Bike The Natchez Trace Parkway …According To Cyclists Who’ve Biked It Before

What follows is a growing collection of quotes from bicyclists who have pedaled their bikes along the Natchez Trace Parkway.

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Last Saturday I rode 75 miles on my bike, mostly hills on the Natchez Trace parkway – perhaps the most beautiful road in the world. When you get on it, it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. The road curves and winds through the countryside until it ends up in Tupelo, Mississippi. On my way, I went across a bridge that was as narrow as a 2 lane road, but suspended several hundred feet in the air. As I rode close to the edge, it actually felt like I was flying.”


The 55 miles of the Natchez Trace was great and I had it almost to myself — only about 25 cars in the 4 hours I was on it today.”


The friendships that I was able to forge while gutting it out on the Natchez Trace are the images that I take with me. As I reflect on the past week and the innumerable faces that will forever pass through my mind, my memory is a collage of mixed emotions on the road to Nashville. Some faces were those of jubilation and expressed joy beyond measure; usually those were the faces seen on the descents. At other times I would come along individuals who had a pained sense of gratification on their faces. They would turn to say hello with a smiling huff and a puff and then continue on. But the most satisfying moments for me were when I would pull up along someone to say hello and they wouldn’t answer back. Their faces would be contorted into grit and agony, determined to accomplish their goal, whether the goal was to finish up the day or to get up those damn deceptive hills whose gentle grade mocked us for miles. That, or they were listening to their iPod and couldn’t hear me. Whichever it was I didn’t want to mess up that kind of focus, that’s just bad karma.”


The Trace was beautiful in the morning and we had it all to ourselves. Shady tree lined avenues opened up to fields of quiet cattle.”

— Stephanie

If you finish off a 25-mile bike trek on the Natchez Trace with lunch at Puckett’s or the Loveless Cafe, than you’re already hip to this. Today’s Nashville City Paper points us to the news that Nashville is the second best city to live and play in, according to National Geographic Adventure’s 2007 top 50 adventure towns, state-by-state. Second only to Chicago, the magazine says “Music City flexes its multisport cred in 10,500 acres (4,249 hectares) of urban parks, while down-home city life plays out at Nashville’s 2,000-plus eateries, honky-tonks, and Tennessee Titans NFL games (a hotter ticket than the Grand Ole Opry).'”


A serious scenic route for bicycles — we reveled in every mile! We get to do it again on our way to Florence, AL tomorrow.”