Where To Find Supplies & Food On The Natchez Trace Parkway: Print This Reference Guide

by Lynnette

food, gas stations

I would encourage you to print out this ‘cheat sheet’ and keep it when you when you visit the Natchez Trace Parkway…

I saw this at one of the first stops along the northern part of the Trace.

It was inside the information board located at the Birdsong Hollow rest area.

Supplies / Food Adjacent to The Natchez Trace Parkway

NOTE: No Claims are made as to the completeness of this listing or the quality of the services provided

Exit for:MilepostDirections / Comments
Natchez0South terminus at Liberty Road
Washington8US Hwy 61, toward Natchez
Lorman30.42 miles east & south on MS 552 & US Hwy 61
Port Gibson37.71 mile or less on US Hwy 61 into Port Gibson
Raymond793 miles east on MS 467 into Raymond
Clinton87Interstate 20 towards Jackson (east)
Pinehaven Road89Visible from the exit
Highway 4993.2Visible from the exit or 1-1/2 miles north of Cynthia Road
Ridgeland102.41 mile or less south on US Hwy 51 towards Jackson
Canton114.81/4 mile north on Hwy 43 towards Canton or 2 miles south on Hwy 43 towards Morton
Thomastown146.21/2 mile north on MS 429 into Thomastown
Kosciusko160Adjacent to Parkway at Information Center exit, multiple locations and in the downtown area
French Camp180.81/4 mile or less on MS 413 in either direction
Jeff Busby193.1On Parkway; gas, limited groceries
Ackerman195.5Visible from Parkway on MS 9
Mathiston204.31 mile or less on US Hwy 82, Mathiston
Mantee219.61 mile or less west on MS 46 towards Mantee
Houston229.33 miles on MS Hwy 8 into Houston
Pontocola Crossing251.6Visible from the Parkway exit
Pontocola Crossing255.73/4 mile on blacktop road towards Verona
Tupelo260.11/2 mile on MS Hwy 6, east or west
Tupelo262.51/4 mile west on McCoullough Blvd.
Tupelo2661 mile on US Hwy 145 towards Tupelo
Saltillo270.73/4 mile on MS 363 towards Saltillo
Mantachie282.21-1/2 miles on MS 371 towards Mantachie
Tishomingo302.81/2 mile north on MS 25 towards Tishomingo
Cherokee326.72-1/2 miles southeast on CR 21 / North Pike
Florence336.1Less than 3 miles southeast on AL 20
Cypress Creek Pullout343.51/2 mile north on blacktop road
Collinwood3512-1/2 – 3 miles north on Hwy 13
Collinwood354.91/4 mile in Collinwood
Collinwood3551/2 mile east
Waynesboro369.93/4 mile on US Hwy 64 towards Waynesboro
Napier Road380.9Go under Parkway 1/4 mile south on blacktop road
Centerville407.81 mile west on TN Hwy 50 toward Centerville
Fly415.41 mile east on TN Hwy 7 into Fly
Leipers Fork4291 mile east & north on TN Hwy 46 into Leipers Fork
North Terminus444Visible from Parkway, TN Hwy 100