We live near the Natchez Trace Parkway in Nashville. We've driven, biked, motorcycled, RV'd & walked it. Here's how to enjoy The Trace if you only have 1 hr

Interesting quotes which mention the Natchez Trace Parkway. Perhaps you'll find even more reasons why The Trace is a place that should not be missed.

Ever wonder what it's like to bike the Trace? Here are some of the best videos which show bicyclists riding along the Natchez Trace Parkway -- either as part of an organized ride, or on their own. Enjoy!

What follows is a growing collection of quotes from bicyclists who have pedaled their bikes along the Natchez Trace Parkway. Hear firsthand from other who've been there, done that...

I would encourage you to print out this 'cheat sheet' and keep it when you when you visit the Natchez Trace Parkway. It's a handy reference guide listing all of the main locations where you can get food and supplies along the Trace.

Discover the geographical origins of the Natchez Trace Parkway, spanning three states: Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Uncover hidden gems and significant landmarks along its route, which has been a cultural lifeline for centuries.


Following are some of the gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants that you'll find if you exit the Natchez Trace Parkway at milemarker 408 near Centerville and turn left (east) or right (west) onto Highway 50.


There aren't many modern conveniences at this exit...just a couple of gas stations and a handful of places to eat. And you have to drive a few miles to get to them!


Details & photos of our favorite Natchez Trace hiking trail near Nashville TN. The Old Trace trail is located at milemarker 426.3 on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Plus, my experience with ticks & Lyme Disease in Tennessee, tips for removing ticks from your body (and from your dog!) and how to prevent tick bites in the first place.