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Natchez Trace In Spring: Colorful Budding Trees

It’s springtime on the Natchez Trace Parkway — as evidenced by all the colorful budding trees on either side of the roadway.

Enjoy the colors…


When it comes to photographing nature’s beauty on the Trace, timing is of the essence!

For example, “Lady Di in TN” got there a couple of days before I did… and she managed to capture the majority of trees in full bloom along the Natchez Trace.

In her own words: “As you climb the entrance to the parkway from Highway 96, you enter into an enchanted purple world.”

Do yourself a favor and check out her beautiful photographs here!

I, on the other hand, only spotted a few trees that still had purple left on their branches. In just two days, most of the purple leaves had all turned to green.

Still pretty though…



This reminds me of my experiences taking photos along the Trace in the Fall… and what a difference a day makes!