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Tennessee Wild Turkeys Are Everywhere!

tennessee-yard-birds.jpg Around here, we refer to wild turkeys as Tennessee yard birds.

It’s practically guaranteed.

Every time you take a drive in the country, you will see a Tennessee turkey. Usually more than one.


It gets really weird when you’re camping or you’re in the woods and you start to hear footsteps crackling the leaves and it seems to be getting louder — and closer.

This happened to us once when we were taking a break from offroading & just sitting in the woods. And we weren’t sure what to think. Some black bears? Deer? Raccoons?

Nope, just a bunch of wild turkeys!

Check out my turkey photo exposé…


Natchez Trace Wildlife

While it’s definitely an a amazing sight to watch all of the wildlife roaming free along the Natchez Trace Parkway, just be careful.

Wild deer and turkey can inflict substantial damage to you and/or your vehicle, should the 2 collide.


Wild Turkey Crossing

These photos were taken on the Natchez Trace Parkway: