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Fall Has Arrived On The Natchez Trace Parkway!

bright-yellow-trees-in-a-row.jpg I took a drive out to the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee this morning. I wanted to see what’s changed since the last time I was there — about a week ago.

Peak colors are only days away, folks!

Compare today’s photos with last week’s photos. Then compare those with last year’s peak fall foliage on the Natchez Trace Parkway…

My best guess would be that our best and brightest colors are between 4 to 8 days away.

From there, it’s anyone’s best guess as to how long the brightest colors of the season will last — because things can change dramatically overnight!

Today, I saw a lot more bright yellows and oranges than last week, but still not quite as many fiery reds as you typically see during peak color time. It’s clear that we’re only days away from the most vibrant colors of the season.

But, to be honest, there are still a lot of full green trees everywhere you look — which is confusing. I don’t remember that much green last year at this time. Still, the leaves from the most colorful trees are falling rapidly at this point, so I’d hate for you to miss the beautiful colors if that’s what you’re after this year.

Here’s what things looked like on the Natchez Trace Parkway today…

natchez-trace-bridge-blue-sky.jpg entrance-sign-fall-autumn.jpg


biking-and-driving-on-the-trace.jpg approaching-natchez-trace-bridge.jpg natchez-trace-bridge-fall.jpg



autumn-natchez-trace-pkwy.jpg bicycling-in-the-fall.jpg

most-vibrant-color-location.jpg colorful-fall-moment.jpg pulling-out-of-sunset-park.jpg