It’s Time!… The Leaves They Are A Changin’ On The Natchez Trace Parkway

by Lynnette

autumn photos

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natchez-trace-parkway-in-fall.jpgI rode out on the Natchez Trace Parkway today to see if the leaves had started changing colors yet.

The answer: Yep!

As you can see, the leaves are just now starting to change colors…

colorful-red-tree-among-green-trees.jpg one-red-tree-in-a-sea-of-green.jpg

Better hurry. Here’s what things will look like in a few short weeks!

Here are some photos I took today around noon on the Natchez Trace Parkway.

You can see, there aren’t many leaves that have fallen on the ground yet (despite a really bad thunderstorm we had last night).

But the colors are definitely becoming more noticeable on the leaves on the trees.

Click to view larger photos.

I have to say, the leaf peepers appear to be in full force on the Trace. I’m guessing this weekend will be quite busy…

rv-tourists-on-natchez-trace-parkway.jpg winding-roads-in-rearview-mirror.jpg

It was such an enjoyable blue-sky drive on this Friday afternoon…


The brilliant colors were just beginning to show themselves on the Natchez Trace Parkway today…


There’s a beautiful backdrop of red, orange, green, and yellow on the Natchez Trace Parkway these days. Bonus if you get a crisp blue sky too!…


It’s almost as if you can see the leaves changing from green to orange and yellow right before your very eyes…


Cars, and bridges, and colorful leaves, oh my!…


Be sure to visit the Natchez Trace Parkway and check out the colorful leaves. There’s still plenty of time! (Ideally, for the best photographs, you’d want to be there between 10AM – 11:30AM or 3PM – 5:30PM)…


And don’t forget… Christmas is just around the corner!…


For those of you who aren’t able to visit the Trace this Fall, I’ll be sure to post more pictures later… when the colors are really vibrant! (Here’s one update. More to come…)