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Horseback Riding Natchez Trace Parkway


I was enjoying a leisurely day at the Natchez Trace Parkway with my dog yesterday, when I had a brief conversation with Chris Moore (pictured here on her horse, Molly).

She was looking for that one place along the Old Trace Hiking & Horse Trail where you cross from one side of the Parkway to the other via a tunnel.

I’ve hiked that path before, but it was hard for me to describe how (while standing at the Garrison Creek area) how she would have to backtrack to get to that tunnel — by way of the creek itself.

I’ve never hiked it backwards like that, and I know it’s not well-marked along the creek, so I gave her my handy-dandy Natchez Trace Parkway map instead.

Hopefully, she found plenty of fun places to go horseback riding along the Trace on the map!

Does anyone have any advice for hiking or horseback riding that trail “backwards” — starting at the Garrison Creek area and going south toward the Old Trace parking area? Are there some landmarks so you know you’re on the right path when you’re going that way? Just curious.