Have You Seen The Slowski’s On The Natchez Trace Parkway Yet?

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slowskis-driving-natchez-trace-parkway.jpgWho are the Slowski’s?

No, not those 2 turtles from the Comcast commercials, Bill and Karolyn, who are constantly trying to prove that “going slow” in life is a good thing. (They spell their last name S-L-O-W-S-K-Y.)

A couple of those commercials are pretty funny though… as seen in this video: The Slowsky’s Push It… Push It Real Good. “YOU push it… push it real good!”

Here’s another Slowsky’s video. This one reminds me perfectly of the slow-driving senior couple that I repeatedly see on the Natchez Trace Parkway.


So that’s where the Slowski’s of Natchez Trace Parkway fame got their nickname.

slowskis-on-natchez-trace-parkway.jpgThe Slowski’s are the 2 older people that I pass almost every single time I’m driving on the Natchez Trace Parkway these days.

At first, it was just humorous to keep seeing the same people every time I ventured out onto the Trace. But then, I was seeing them so frequently, that it became strange if I didn’t see them one day. I would wonder what they were up to and if they were okay.


How The Slowski’s Got Their Name

Originally, I had nicknamed them “Mr. & Mrs. Gray” because they are always in a big ‘ol gray car (might actually be silver) and they’ve both got gray hair (heck, that might actually be silver too).

Then, for awhile, I switched their nickname to “the slow cruisers” — because they’re usually driving very slowly and have been known to stop for no apparent reason on the Trace. (I know. I was behind them once.)

Then, I decided that the two lovingly bickering turtles on the Comcast commercial (the Slowsky’s) appear to be the turtle equivalent of these two slow driving, frequently dialoguing senior citizens that I always see on the Trace.

bill-slowsky.jpgYep, in their big ‘ol shiny clean Lincoln Towncar (or something similar)… these two are always gabbing with each other — usually at the same time. And they appear to be thoroughly enjoying their leisurely Sunday drive — no matter what day of the week it is! Oddly enough, they always appear to be wearing their Sunday best, too! It’s incredibly sweet.

Trust me, I’m NOT poking fun at the Slowski’s for spending so much time on the Trace or driving so slow. Because, obviously, I’m out there just as much — if not more, than they are! And I usually drive slower than most people on the Trace (meaning: I drive the speed limit), so it’s normally me that people are dying to get around. But if the Slowski’s are on the road that day, they’ve always got me beat in the slow-as-molassas speed department!


Why I Drive On The Trace So Much

tenor-jeep-dog.jpgFor the past 4 weeks or so, I’ve gone out for a drive on the Natchez Trace Parkway practically every single day. No joke.

Partly to get pictures and information for this website (2,286 Natchez Trace photos… and counting!). And partly to get our dog Tenor used to riding in the Jeep.

So far so good. But he’s kind of a “road dawg in training”. You see, we’re prepping him to be an RV dog which will require days at a time in a moving vehicle.

Plus, the Natchez Trace Parkway is a great place to take your dog if you want to walk him (at one of the rest areas or hiking spots) without a ton of people around.

Anyhoo… if anyone happens to see me and my dog out there on the Natchez Trace Parkway riding around in our Jeep, feel free to say Hi by posting a comment below.

Or, if you happen to know the Slowski’s, you can leave a note for them here too and I’ll be sure to pass it onto them the next time I see them!

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